Sustainable Travel

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Youth Promise Plus is a Birmingham and Solihull Employment Pathway Project supported under the European Social Fund and Youth Employment Initiative.

We support carbon reduction through promoting behaviour change and developing infrastructure and technology to assist the transition to a low carbon region.

As part of this, we engage with stakeholders and partners to encourage them to develop measures to reduce excessive vehicle use and make their operations more sustainable, which has a positive effect on our environment.

The award-winning £48 million Smart Network Smarter Choices (SNSC) project (2012–16) met many of our aims through enabling communities, schools and businesses to switch to more sustainable means of travel through the delivery of a number of transport improvements on ten key corridors in the West Midlands.

‘Smarter Choices’ help to positively influence people's travel behaviour towards more sustainable options, including:

  • Providing people with better information about their travel options
  • Actively marketing sustainable travel options
  • Making improvements to transport services to meet people's needs
  • Providing options that reduce the need to travel at all

Our Sustainable Travel Team and the seven Metropolitan Local Authorities are continuing the work of the Smart Network, Smarter Choices project by working to support local businesses, education sites and individuals (including young people and the unemployed) to make smarter travel choices. The team actively promote all forms of sustainable travel including public transport, cycling, walking and car-sharing, helping to reduce carbon, support the local economy and encourage healthy lifestyles.

In addition our Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) helps unemployed people find, start and stay in new jobs, by providing free tailored travel advice, support and ticketing.