Wednesbury-Brierley Hill

Documents relating to the proposed Midland Metro (Wednesbury to Brierley Hill Land Acquisition) Order can be viewed on this page whilst historic documents relating to the Midland Metro (Wednesbury to Brierley Hill and Miscellaneous Amendments) Extension Transport and Works Act Order can be viewed here.

For latest information on the development of the extension itself, visit the  Midland Metro Alliance website.

The Proposed Midland Metro (Wednesbury to Brierley Hill Land Acquisition) Transport and Works Act (TWA) Order

To develop the WBHE, an application for a supplementary Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO) was submitted on 12 December 2017. If successful this, with the 2005 Order, will enable the WMCA to construct, operate and maintain the route.

All of the documentation submitted for the supplementary TWAO is listed below. Documents relating to the 2005 Order can be viewed here.

For information on the latest development of the WBHE please visit the MMA website (as above).


Explanatory Memorandum

Draft Order

Book of Reference

Concise Statement of Aims

Consultation Report

Declaration of Status of the Applicant

Funding Statement

Application Letter (signed)

Land Plans - Key Plan

Land Plans - Location Plan

Land Plans - 1

Land Plans - 2

Land Plans - 3

Land Plans - 4

Land Plans - 5

Land Plans - 6

Land Plans - 7

Land Plans - 8

Land Plans - 9

Land Plans - 10

Land Plans - 11

Land Plans - 12

Land Plans - 13

Land Plans - 14

Land Plans - 15

Land Plans - 16

Land Plans - 17

Rule 10(14) Notice

Transport and Works Act Orders - a Brief Guide

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