West Midlands Railway lights up the region

West Midlands Railway (WMR) has lit up famous landmarks across the Midlands in its distinctive orange to further showcase its commitment to transforming rail travel across the region.

They were illuminated or wrapped in WMR’s recognisable brand colour to remind passengers of its robust railway links across the Midlands.

Landmarks such as Birmingham's iconic library and the bull statue in the Bullring, Coventry's Lady Godiva statue, the New Art gallery in Walsall, and the Prince Albert statue in Wolverhampton were all lit up.

The Prince Albert stature in Wolverhampton is one of the Midlands landmarks turned orange.
The Prince Albert stature in Wolverhampton is one of the Midlands landmarks turned orange.

As a railway service managed locally for local residents, the regional takeover marks a move for WMR to embed itself into the heart of the Midlands community. The increasingly-devolved services available to passengers will aim to establish WMR as the go-to network for travel, whether it’s for work purposes or leisure.

Since taking over the franchise in December 2017, West Midlands Trains, the company behind West Midlands Railway, has unveiled an investment package of £1 billion.

This includes £700 million investment in new and refurbished trains; £70 million into new and existing depots to improve train reliability; 20,000 extra seats for rush hour passengers in Birmingham and standing room for 50,000 more commuters in new, metro style carriages.

Additionally, passengers across the region will benefit from more late night and Sunday services and more services to London from Walsall and Wolverhampton.

Andy Street, Mayor of West Midlands, commented: “In the months and years ahead, passengers in the West Midlands will see significant changes as a result of us having a truly regional rail franchise.

“As well as the investment in more trains, new stations and new metro style carriages, people will become more aware of the brand identity as we continue our public transport revolution.

“We are gradually moving towards shared West Midlands identity for the different modes of transport - rail, buses and cycling - integrated together, as has been the case in London for some time."

Richard Brooks, customer experience director at West Midlands Railway, said: “We’re proud to continue to drive change as the West Midlands’ dedicated railway operator.

"Turning the region orange is our way of showing residents our pledge to continue upgrading railway services, while fuelling and feeding the West Midlands economy through continued investment.

“Collaboration will be essential going forward and we’re lucky to have so many stakeholders within the region who share the same vision of a transport brand especially for the West Midlands.

“We aim to provide the best journey experience for all of our customers, so we’re excited to continue our work in transforming railway services and creating a brand that we all can really be proud of.”

To celebrate the regional light up, morning commuters were greeted on Friday, 27 April with coffee cups and redeemable coffee vouchers between 6.30am and 11am at station platforms across the network.

For video of Mayor of the West Midlands Andy Street and Richard Brooks of West Midlands Railway click here.