Public consultation to tackle low level anti-social behaviour on buses

 This consultation closed Friday 29 March 2019, thank you to everyone who took part.


In February we asked for your views on introducing new powers to tackle anti-social behaviour on buses, at stations and stops.

More than 90% of people who took part in the consultation supported the proposals which included: tackling unacceptable behaviour, drunkenness, general safety, smoking and vaping, loud music and noise and loitering in bus stations.

Using the feedback from this consultation and with legal guidance, Transport for West Midlands will now review each byelaw to make sure using them in the West Midlands would be appropriate and proportionate to achieve the aim of reducing anti-social behaviour and making passengers safer. Where it is identified that changes are required they will be made and where a byelaw does not meet the threshold for proportionality, it will be removed from the proposal completely.

Following this review, a formal application will be submitted to central government requesting the byelaws to be made. There will then be a further period of approval and a notice period before the byelaws come into force.

If approved, the West Midlands would be the first region in the UK to introduce bus byelaws.

To find out more information on the results of the consultation, click here.