Movement for Growth

Strategic Economic Plan (SEP)

The guiding strategy for the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) is the Strategic Economic Plan (SEP), that sets out the vision for improving the quality of life for everyone in the West Midlands.

TfWM, as the WMCA's transport arm, has developed from the SEP a number of policies and strategies to to make for an efficient and resilient transport system to underpin future economic success. You can find out more about the SEP here.

Movement for Growth

The ambitious West Midlands Strategic Transport Plan, 'Movement for Growth' supports the SEP. Movement for Growth aims to greatly improve the transport system to support economic growth and regeneration, underpin new development and housing, and to improve air quality, the environment and social inclusion. It is based on improvements, year in year out, over the long term to an integrated transport system and is made up of four tiers:

  • National and Regional
  • Metropolitan (Metropolitan Rail and Rapid Transit Network, Key Route Network, Strategic Cycle Network)
  • Local
  • Smart Mobility

TfWM is also developing a series of more detailed policies and strategies, such as to support freight. Other key areas include air quality and to identify measures to support the young, socially excluded and troubled individuals.

2026 Delivery Plan for Transport

In September 2017, the WMCA approved the 2026 Delivery Plan for Transport. The plan comprises the Delivery Plan and two supporting sets of documents:

  • The 2026 Delivery Plan for Transport document
  • 16 Corridor Strategies
  • Four Dashboards of Schemes

The delivery plan sets out the schemes which will deliver a large amount of the Movement for Growth strategy. You can find out more below:

2026 Delivery Plan for Transport

Annex 1 - Corridors

Annex 2 - Dashboards

If you have any queries on the Movement for Growth strategic transport plan or the 2026 Transport Delivery Plan please email

Transport Plan 2017-18 

The Annual Plan shows how over the next year we will work to create an efficient and resilient transport system to underpin future economic success - enabling wider labour markets, providing access to skills, education and training, unlocking high value growth clusters and supporting regeneration and place-making initiatives.

Read the Transport Plan 2017-18

Congestion Management Plan

The Congestion Management Plan shows how the network will be managed to beat congestion, keep passengers informed and the region moving to continue to keep people connected to the best education, training and employment opportunities in the region.

Read more about the plan and the Key Route Network here.