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Welcome to Transport for West Midlands

We are making transport easier to understand by retiring our West Midlands Network brand.

You can now use Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) to get:

  • public transport and driving information
  • tickets and Swift cards
  • help with public transport

Transport for West Midlands does not run services. Services are run by private companies called operators.

Logos and branding

Our logo mark is staying the same. When you see the diamonds, you're near transport in the West Midlands.

Our modal transport brands, for example West Midlands Railway, are staying the same.

It will take time to remove mentions of West Midlands Network from the network. We only replace stop information when services change to save money.

Websites and digital services

Our website is We have spent the last year making it simpler. You should check your bookmarks still link to the right content.

You can give feedback about our new website online - click the feedback banner on the right-hand side of your screen.

We have published a blog about how we researched and organised our new website.

The new what we do section of our website has information about our:

  • strategy
  • projects
  • operations

You can find out about our governance and scrutiny committees online.

Contact details

Our contact details have not changed, except our social media pages: