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What we do

We want the West Midlands to have a world-class transport system. To make this happen, we’re investing £5 billion in nearly 200 transport projects between now and 2026. We are working with:

Our bus, rail and tram projects will help improve public transport. We are also working on transport infrastructure. We want to encourage people to use public transport instead of driving.

We have received £1.05bn through the City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement. We'll invest this money in the local transport network over the next 5 years. We are prioritising schemes to develop and deliver with this funding so we can respond to the region's needs.

Projects and operations

West Midlands Metro tram extensions

We’re helping to build £1.3 billion of new tram extensions in the West Midlands. Find out more about the new routes.

Sprint priority bus corridor

Sprint will link Walsall with the centre of Birmingham, Solihull and Birmingham Airport. It will link the A34 with the A45 to create one continuous bus route. Find out more about our work on Sprint.

Our work on bus services

Buses are run by private companies called operators. We work with them to improve bus services in the West Midlands. We also look after bus stops and stations.

Cross-city bus routes

We’re developing cross-city bus routes. This will make it easier to travel on buses. It will reduce the need to change buses in city centres. Find out more about these routes.

Cycle routes

We help to build and look after cycle routes in the West Midlands. We also work to promote cycling in the region. Find out more about what we’re doing.

Park and ride

Park and ride helps reduce congestion. Drivers can park their cars and use public transport for the rest of their journey. We provide over 9,000 parking spaces across the region. We’re also expanding park and ride sites.

HS2 and local connectivity

HS2 is the high-speed railway linking London, the Midlands, the North and Scotland. We want to make the most of the opportunities it will provide. Find out more about what we’re doing.

Accessible transport

Everyone should be able to access public transport in the West Midlands. Find out more about how we’re making this happen.

Swift and ticketing schemes

Swift is our smartcard for public transport in the region. We also manage other ticketing schemes and travel passes.

Regional Transport Coordination Centre

The Regional Transport Coordination Centre (RTCC) helps us manage disruptions to our network. Find out more about the RTCC and what it does.

Transport Skills Academy

The Transport Skills Academy is a one-stop destination for the existing and potential workforce in the West Midlands to build capacity and capability across the transport infrastructure.

Influencing Transport Lab

The Influencing Transport Lab is a programme that will aim to change behaviours to reduce traffic and create safer streets to walk, wheel, cycle and scoot, ultimately contributing to the Levelling Up Mission.


West Midlands Bus Alliance

We’re part of the West Midlands Bus Alliance. We want to make bus travel cleaner, greener, safer and faster. Find out more about the Bus Alliance.

West Midlands Rail Executive

We’re part of the West Midlands Rail Executive (WMRE). WMRE helps make sure that train services in the region meet local needs. Find out more about WMRE.

Safer Travel Partnership

We want to make sure public transport in the West Midlands is safe. We’re part of the The Safer Travel Partnership, which helps us do this.