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Swift Parking

The quickest and smartest way to pay for car parking is with Swift. There's no need to search for coins when you want to park and go.

There are different ways you can pay for parking with Swift:

What is Swift Parking?

Pay for parking with Swift using your mobile phone. There's no need to worry about searching for change or queuing for the pay machine.

You can:

  • choose your preferred car park
  • see the car park’s opening hours and costs
  • select the parking duration you want
  • get alerts before your parking session expires
  • extend your parking time remotely
  • view your transaction history

How do I get it?

Where can I use it?

SwiftParking Terms and Conditions

What is Swift Go?

Swift Go caps how much you pay. It works on the tram and most buses in the West Midlands. It can also be used to pay for parking at some car parks.

You can either top up your Swift Go balance or store a bank card in your Swift account. You won't have to worry about your parking fees any more.

You can find out how Swift Go and capping works.

How do I pay for parking using Swift Go?

  1. Log into or sign up to your Swift account
  2. Set up Swift Go and select car parking as an additional service in the menu
  3. If you already have Swift Go, just switch Swift Go parking on in your Swift Go account
  4. Provide a valid VRN for your car
  5. Make sure that there is a payment method attached to your Swift Go
  6. We will scan your plate when you enter the car park
  7. Once you leave the car park, we will calculate your parking fee and charge your Swift Go account
  8. No need to pay and display, no paying upfront, no app necessary
  9. You can view all your parking fees in your Swift Go account

Where can I use it?

  • Longbridge Park and Ride

Swift Go terms and conditions

You can use your Swift pay as you go credit to pay for parking. No more looking for change.
If there's a Swift logo on the payment machine, you can pay with your credit.

Where can I use it?

Bromsgrove train station

Locate the Swift pay and display machine, near the ticket office. Follow the on-screen instructions, choosing the cheaper price when you pay with Swift pay as you go.

Longbridge park & ride

Use your Swift pay as you go card at the ground floor pay stations to deduct the charge from your balance.

Pay As You Go Terms and Conditions