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Report a problem with Swift

Replace a faulty Swift card

If your Swift card is not working and has a season ticket or credit on it, we can replace your card free of charge.

We might also give you compensation if you had to buy a ticket to travel when your Swift card was faulty.

Report a problem with Payzone

Not all Payzone stores can top-up Swift cards or issue season tickets.

You can check if a Payzone store does by using the Payzone store locator:

  • Enter your postcode
  • Find a Payzone store
  • Click on the Payzone store's pin
  • Press Services
  • Look for Swift Smart Ticketing in the additional services box

The Payzone store does not accept debit or credit card

Some Payzone stores only accept cash if you are topping up a Swift card or buying a season ticket. Check with the store directly before you visit.

The Payzone store charged me for using a debit or credit card

It is against the law to charge people for using a debit or credit card. Payzone stores will not charge for this.

Contact us and include:

  • the name of the Payzone store
  • where the Payzone store is
  • the date and time you visited

The Payzone store does not accept my old blue Swift card

All Payzone stores that offer Swift services accept blue and purple Swift cards.

To report the Payzone shop, contact us and include:

  • the name of the Payzone shop
  • where the Payzone shop is
  • the date and time you visited

My Swift card has not arrived in the post

Swift cards can take up to five working days to arrive in the post.

You should contact us if it still has not arrived.