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How to buy and top-up with Swift

Find the easiest and quickest way to Top-Up and buy Swift products


How to Top-Up a Swift card

You can top up your Swift card:

Visit our Top-Up page here

Swift collector

How to collect a Swift product

To start travelling you have to activate the top-up by using either:

Learn more about how to collect here

How to create a Swift account

Set up a Swift account online 

Once you do this, you can use your Swift account to:

  • renew your ticket
  • top up your Swift card
  • change your contact details
  • update your payment methods

If you got your Swift card online, you should already have a Swift account. Log in to your account here.

How to register my Swift card

1. If you got your Swift card online, your card should already be registered.

2. If you have bought a pay as you go Swift card or any card from a Swift Kiosk, you should register it online here so you can:

  • top-up your Swift card online
  • replace your Swift card without losing any credit
Where to go? How to get there? What I can get What I can't get


  • Sells most Swift enabled ticket types
  • Accepts card payment
  • All Swift card types are available
  • Sells non-Swift ntrain & nnetwork
  • Does not accept cash
  • Up to 5 working days waiting for a new Swift card
  • e-Daysaver not available

Travel Centre 

Wolverhampton Bus Station 

  • Most swift card types 
  • Card or cash payment 
  • Replace registered WMCA swift cards 
  • Swift – nbus, nNetwork, Local zones, PAYG, Metro, Multi-Day, Edaysaver, Adult, Child, Student, 1-week 4-week term and bus 52 weeks. 
  • Top-Ups 
  • Collection of products purchased online. 
  • Train Only Swift 
  • Direct debit Swift cards 
  • 16-18 Cards 
  • 52-week Network  
  • A child will need an adult present to make their first card due to having a photo taken.


800-1000 agents across the region:

  • Issues Swift PAYG cards.
  • Top-ups for all cards.
  • All accept cash.
  • Support NX mobile sales for those paying cash.
  • Does not issue any other Swift Card type except PAYG
  • Does not retail student tickets or 52-week tickets.
  • No Swift card customer service

Swift Kiosk

Bus Stations at:

  • Wolverhampton,
  • Walsall,
  • Dudley,
  • Coventry and
  • West Bromwich
  • Birmingham Airport,
  • Blythe Valley Business Park.                       
  • Coventry Interchange (from Dec 2021)
  • Retails most Swift enabled ticket types
  • Vends Adult, PAYG & Multi-day Swift cards
  • Accepts card payment.
  • Does not retail student tickets or e-Daysaver.
  • Does not vend Child Swift cards
  • Does not accept cash

Mobile App

Swift on Mobile app

  • Adult Metro tickets
  • Compatible with Google Pay wallet - the phone acts as a smartcard
  • Offers card payment
  • Android only
  • Must have a smartphone
  • Limited ticket offer
  • No Cash Payment
  • Must have Google Pay

Rail Station

All stations in the region with a ticket office

  • nnetwork tickets
  • Accept card & cash payment.
  • Only nnetwork tickets available to purchase on Swift


Swift Go

  • Adult daily & weekly capping on bus & tram.
  • Product loaded to a Swift Adult photocard
  • Cash balance top-ups available at Wolverhampton Travel Shop
  • Can be used interchangeably with season tickets on the same card.
  • Manageable via your Swift account
  • The choice of Auto-Pay or manual Top-Up  
  • Child Swift Go expected in 2022
  • Currently only available for adults aged 18+
  • Registration and account set up only available online
  • A new solution so the full offer is still in development
  • Currently requires a Swift Adult photocard


NX Contactless Capping

  • Delivers adult daily & weekly capping on NX Bus
  • The user only needs a contactless bank card – no pre-setup or registration
  • Only available to contactless bank cardholders
  • Unlikely it will be available to children
  • Only available on NX Bus

Card Type Use Where to get it
Adult Swift Photocard
  • for all adult and student season tickets
  • also used for Swift Go (online only)


  • Online (TfWM & NX)
  • TfWM App
  • TfWM travel shop
  • Swift Kiosk

Not Available:

  • Payzone
  • Rail stations
Child Swift Photocard
  • for child under 15 years old
  • load all child season tickets to this card


  • Online (TfWM & NX)
  • TfWM Travel shop

Not Available:

  • Swift Kiosk
  • TfWM app
  • Payzone
  • Rail Stations
16-18 Swift Photocard
  • for young people aged 16-18
  • load child tickets onto this card
  • for use on bus, train and tram (dependant on ticket type)


  • Online (TfWM & NX)
  • TfWM app

Not Available:

  • Swift Kiosk
  • TfWM travel shop
  • Payzone
  • Rail Stations (managed by TfWM)
Pay as you go Swift card
  • a Top-Up and travel card to use when you need it
  • for use on bus tram and parking (at select locations)


  • Online (TfWM & NX)
  • TfWM app
  • TfWM Travel shop
  • Swift Kiosk
  • Payzone

Not Available:

  • Rail Stations (not valid on rail)
nbus Multiday card
  • available in bundles of 5 days & 10 days
  • for use on operators excepting nbus


  • Online (TfWM only)
  • TfWM app
  • TfWM travel shop
  • Swift Kiosk

Not Available:

  • Payzone
  • Online (NX)
  • Rail Stations (not valid on rail)
  • valid for a day of travel
  • for use on National Express West Midlands buses only 


  • Online (NX only)
  • TfWM travel shop

Not Available:

  • Swift Kiosk
  • TfWM app
  • Payzone
  • Online (TfWM)
  • Rail Stations (not valid on rail)

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