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Apply for free or discounted bus travel for your organisation

Do you work with people who could benefit from free or discounted bus travel?

We may be able to work with you to provide support with their travel costs. 

We are working with local bus operators to get people back onto the network who: 

  • have difficulty accessing the public transport network
  • are currently driving instead of using public transport

Those who qualify for the offer will be supported with free or discounted bus travel for a set period. 

Who qualifies for the offer?

We are currently offering this scheme through organisations.

This means your employees or people you work with can benefit from this offer. This offer is only available for those who do not currently use public transport regularly.

This includes those who are currently driving instead of using public transport to get to and from:

  • jobs at public, private or NHS organisations
  • newly bought or rented homes
  • recently started training or jobs, including students, graduates and school and college leavers
  • leisure facilities like shopping centres, exercise facilities, sports matches, concerts, places of worship, care homes, and charity work

It also includes those who currently have difficulty accessing public transport and opportunities, including: 

  • young carers
  • care leavers
  • those will health issues who do not qualify for an ENCTs pass
  • those not in employment, education or training

How can my organisation get involved? 

We'd like to hear from you if you are an organisation that works with any of the groups above.

We are also interested in working with charities supporting vulnerable people, such as those struggling financially.

Register your interest below for more information on the scheme:

Register your interest


Please note that you can only register interest as a decision-maker on behalf of an organisation and not as an individual.

Frequently asked questions

If you are the decision maker at an organisation who would like to get involved, you can register your interest.

You can not apply as an individual at this time. We are only offering this scheme through organisations.

If you would like an organisation that you work for or are involved with to take part, please speak to the relevant decision maker. 

Once you have submitted your application, we will review your registration of interest. If your organisation is eligible, we will contact you directly to explain the next steps. 

You can only fill our the application if you are the decision maker at your organisation. Any registrations of interest will be rejected if they have not been submitted by the appropriate person.

I am enrolled on the scheme and need help

If you need help receiving or redeeming your offer, please contact the organisation who is issuing your code. If you are receiving your code directly from Transport for West Midlands, you can contact us