Network Resilience Live Lab

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) is leading an exciting new pilot project that aims to lay the foundations for a smarter, better-connected transport network in the West Midlands, in partnership with Birmingham City Council and Solihull Council. In line with the aims of Network Resilience, the project is all about driving innovation, supporting sustainability and improving the safety of the region’s transport network users.

The ADEPT Live Labs programme 

Live Labs is phase three of the ADEPT SMART Places Research Programme. In May 2019, a joint bid from TfWM, Birmingham City Council and Solihull Council was named one of eight projects selected for the ADEPT SMART Places Live Labs Programme.

Nine local authorities and their partners are working across eight innovative projects to develop new SMART approaches across communications, materials, energy solutions and mobility. The project is funded by the Department for Transport and will run until November 2021.

The scheme is designed to support local authorities in developing ways to integrate digital technology into the transport network. In the West Midlands, this will involve using innovative video analytics to better manage congestion and keep the Midlands moving.

The project aims to: 

  • Increase capacity, improve efficiency and manage demand on our roads – helping to ease traffic and support the delivery of TfWM’s congestion management plan,
  • Accelerate our capability to manage incidents and events through the application of pioneering video analytics technology,
  • Understand and evaluate travel behaviour before, during and after large scale infrastructure projects on the network,
  • Enable more efficient car journeys, improved health through reduced congestion and personalised travel planning through learned patterns of travel behaviour,
  • Utilise findings to deliver practical results that will create long-term benefits for local people, while protecting the public’s privacy through responsible, transparent and ethical management of data,
  • Contribute to developing the operational capability of the Regional Transport Coordination Centre (RTCC) and its evolution through innovation,
  • Work in partnership with West Midlands Police, finding solutions to congestion on our roads as well as keeping the public safe.

Find out more about the Live Labs scheme and learn more about other Live Labs projects at the ADEPT website.

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