Sustainable Travel

Youth Promise Plus

This scheme helps unemployed people find, start and stay in new jobs, training or education., by providing free tailored travel advice, support and ticketing. We are supporting the Birmingham and Solihull YEI (Youth Employment Initiative) project delivering one-day, one-week and four-weekly tickets as well as being on hand for the young people and project staff delivering advice and guidance on any travel related queries. With the travel support on offer we help to overcome transport barriers through the provision of tailored travel support for individuals. For those most in need we also offer additional tickets as required to help them to remain in employment, training or education. 

For more information please contact the YEI team by calling 0121 214 7328 or email

Smarter Choices

The WMCA’s Movement for Growth strategic transport plan provides a framework for the key transport challenges currently facing the West Midlands, and significant investment programmes are planned over the next 15 years to help resolve some of these critical issues.

As part of the solution to keeping the West Midlands moving during this time, smarter travel choices have a key role to play and, at the same time, these choices are helping to address the air quality issues.

At TfWM we engage with stakeholders and partners to encourage them to develop measures to reduce excessive vehicle use and make their operations more sustainable.

Our Sustainable Travel Team and the seven Metropolitan Local Authorities are working together to support local businesses, education sites and individuals (including young people and the unemployed) to make smarter travel choices. The team actively promote all forms of sustainable travel including public transport, cycling, walking and car-sharing, helping to reduce carbon, support the local economy and encourage healthy lifestyles.

The team's aims are:

• Providing people with better information about their travel options
• Actively marketing sustainable travel options
• Making improvements to transport services to meet people's needs
• Providing options that reduce the need to travel at all

Contact the team by calling 0121 214 7409 or email