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Swift photocards

A Swift photocard is a plastic smartcard that has your photo on it. Only you can use it.

Swift photocards are easier to replace than paper tickets. Anybody can get a Swift photocard.

Find a ticket

Tickets on Swift photocards

You can use the card to buy:

  • season tickets (for one week, 4 weeks or a year)
  • monthly Direct Debit tickets

You can get discounted fares if you are:

You can choose if your ticket covers buses, trains and trams. You also choose which areas your ticket covers.

If you're over 18, you can activate Swift Go on your Swift photocard. Swift Go is where you tap in instead of buying a ticket and we will charge you based on your travel. You can only use Swift Go on buses and trams.

If you’re under 16 and have had problems proving your age on public transport, the Under 16 photocard card proves to drivers and inspectors that you’re entitled to a child's fare – even if you look older.

Get a Swift photocard

You can get a Swift photocard online. You'll set up a Swift account at the same time.
You'll need a digital passport-sized photograph.

Use our ticket finder to find the best ticket for you.

Swift cards can take up to 7 days to arrive in the post. If you need one more quickly, you can get one in person from: