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Data insight

The TfWM Data Insight team provides Data Stewardship to all data that is used in strategic transport planning, transport operations and transport policy at TfWM. Providing a full end to end service for transport data collection, management, analysis, forecasting and research.

Transport Data – Data Insight collect data from sources such as sensors, manual counting, commercial data from vehicles and mobile phone data, open data and national statistics sources. This data includes traffic counts, vehicle classifications, public transport usage and performance, road traffic collisions, congestion, active travel usage, freight usages and land use planning data. The data is analysed to provide performance and trend analysis, it is provided to public, partner organisations and politicians.

Operational data – TfWM has taken on an operational role through the building of the Regional Transport Coordination Centre. Data Insight support this facility with real-time data management and analysis including modelling, simulation, forecasting and "nowcasting". Nowcasting uses the most recently available observations to provide frequently updated short-term forecasts that support users making operational decisions in real time.

Research & Insight - Data Insight undertake research projects and reports to inform the organisational and political policy objectives. The focus in on transport planning, demand for transport and the impact that investment in the network has. The team are developing insight around affordability, accessibility, behaviour and the key metrics to monitor outcomes. The forecasting capability enables the testing of policy questions to determine the potential impacts on the region.

The Data Insight team has the full capabilities to deliver these services, including cloud-based data processing, data management, data visualisation, analytics, forecasting and in-depth research. It produces, stores, analyses, visualises, and extracts meaning and value from vast quantities of data. All with the ambition to develop and maintain a robust common data analytics environment for Transport for West Midlands.

The team’s specialisms include:

  • Transport Performance
  • Transport Research
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Product Management
  • Data Management
  • Location analytics (Geographic Information Systems)
  • Tactical modelling, forecasting and nowcasting

Want to get the data, analytics, research outputs? Go here

We provide transport data services across West Midlands Combined Authority and our partners.

We help to collect, manage, report, analyse and visualise data. We also carry out research projects and publish our findings.

We give access to data on:

  • traffic counts
  • vehicle classifications
  • public transport passenger counts
  • road traffic collisions
  • congestion
  • planning
  • managed survey framework

We help people to understand how changes to the region might affect transport. This includes public and private transport. This is called transport modelling.

We are responsible for the PRISM transport model, ensuring it works across the region with others, for example the Coventry CASM model or HS2 Planet model.

We’re improving how we work with data. We work with universities and other partners to do this.

We publish open data about transport usage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We publish some transport datasets on:

You can use these datasets in:

  • Excel
  • geographical information system (GIS) software
  • computer aided design (CAD) software

We also create interactive Tableau data dashboards. You need to request an account to access them.

We can use a tool called Esri to create applications like live storymaps. We created a storymap for the closure of Paradise Circus in 2019.