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Enhanced Partnership

We have worked closely with operators and local districts to create the 2nd Enhanced Partnership (EP) in the country. The EP covers all of the West Midlands metropolitan area and will improve bus services for the region by specifying:

You can read the latest version of the overall plan (known as the EP Plan v001) here.

The latest version of the commitments by operators and authorities (known as the EP Scheme Variation 003) can be read here.

EP Plan History

The original plan, made in June 2021 covered the whole West Midlands Combined Authority area

Variation 001 in June 2022 was made to adjust a map of the scheme area and to clarify that if/when the AQPS areas are revoked, that they would be automatically absorbed into the EP Plan and Scheme.

EP Scheme History

The first version of the scheme was made in June 2021 and covered the A34/A45 Sprint route between Walsall and Solihull.

Variation 001 was made in June 2022 and expanded the scheme to the extent of the Wet Midlands Combined Authority.

Variation 002 was made in November 2022 and implemented an array of commitments from our ambitious Bus Service Improvement Plan.

Variation 003 was made in September 2023 and continued to expand the delivery of our Bus Service Improvement Plan. Since the previous variation, the areas covered by the Solihull AQPS and Wolverhampton AQPS were absorbed into the Enhanced Partnership Scheme.

West Midlands Bus Service Improvement Plan

Bus tender outcomes

Notice of Variation

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