Sprint is a bus-based rapid transit mode which is part of the vision for the future network of world class public transport in the West Midlands. It is an innovative mode of transport with journey times and comfort levels that are based on those of a light rail system while maximising the flexibility and lower costs associated with bus technology. Sprint means faster journeys, improved reliability, higher quality public transport environment, greener environment, and easier access to transport and our communities.

It will play a key role in improving the journey experience for people living, working and visiting the West Midlands and with its stylish looks will become the image of a modern and successful region. Along with heavy rail and Metro, Sprint will form part of the high capacity rapid transport network. The network links the metropolitan area’s key centres to their travel-to-work areas and underpins the regeneration of key corridors.

Amongst the benefits of Sprint are:

  • A new mode of transport – bus rapid transit with the comfort and speed of light rail
  • State-of-the art vehicles with a tram-like appearance, with low noise, low vibration, and low emissions
  • Great passenger comfort, with airy interiors, plenty of legroom, and air conditioning
  • Wi-Fi, audio-visual announcements, and on-board next stop information
  • Faster journeys including dedicated priority at key junctions – competitive with the car, and quicker journey times compared to conventional bus
  • Extensive smartcard usage and limited driver interaction to speed up journeys
  • Dedicated stops and interchanges, with easy boarding and simple onward connections
  • High quality customer service
  • A distinctive brand and identity