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Accessible and inclusive places

What is this Big Move?

This Big Move is all about creating more accessible and inclusive places where people do not require a car to live good lives. This means careful planning of places with accessibility in mind, as well as improving sustainable transport and digital connectivity to allow people to access opportunities without needing a car.

We want to create a new kind of city-region, one where people and businesses can thrive, access all that the West Midlands has to offer; but also where they can live more sustainably without having to make sacrifices.

How we plan the growth and transformation of the places we live, work and play has a huge impact on the transport system we need to provide, and vice-versa, so we need to bring how we think of them together.

Where we would like to be if our Big Move is successful

We will have reduced the impacts of growth on the region by using land more effectively and reducing additional travel demand by private car. People will be living or working in places which do not need a car to access them. Those who need a car, can access a car club vehicle and have convenient access to electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

All communities have excellent walking, cycling and public transport access to local schools, shops, healthcare and leisure activities so that most local trips are made by sustainable modes of transport. As a result, neighbourhoods have less traffic, better air quality and people are more physically activity because they can safely and easily walk, wheel and cycle for everyday journeys. Careful consideration is given to servicing and deliveries to minimise the impact of goods vehicles on local roads.