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Monitoring and Evaluation

What is monitoring and evaluation?

Monitoring is data collection required pre, during and post scheme implementation to check progress towards planned targets/ benefits.

Evaluation is the assessment of the scheme using the collected data to determine its success in respect to whether it has achieved its expected benefits and met its objectives.

Why do we need to monitor and evaluate transport schemes?

Monitoring and evaluation is a requirement for all TfWM and government funded schemes to ensure accountability that government funding is being used effectively. The process provides an evidence base for what sorts of schemes work for future funding to ensure only effective schemes get delivered. It also shows where future schemes can be improved.

How is monitoring and evaluation done at TfWM?

A scheme monitoring and evaluation plan is developed using the TfWM monitoring and evaluation framework which is in line with DfT guidance. This details how the scheme will be monitored and evaluated and includes the following elements:

Factors such as the cost, size, and if the scheme is particularly innovative,  determine if all or only some of these elements are undertaken.

Schemes are then monitored in line with the monitoring and evaluation plan one year and three or five years post implementation to see if long term benefits have been delivered and maintained.