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Sprint bus priority corridor

We are creating a bus priority corridor called Sprint. This will link Walsall to Solihull and Birmingham Airport in one continuous route. 

This will help reduce traffic congestion and give people an alternative to driving. It will make it easier to get the bus and reduce journey times.

Sprint will also help us tackle climate change. We want our region to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2041. Sprint is part of our #WM2041 climate action plan.

Find out more about what exactly Sprint is.

Benefits of Sprint

We’re extending bus lanes and prioritising buses at junctions. This will make journeys shorter and more reliable.

We’re also upgrading bus shelters. The new shelters are comfortable and have better real-time information.

Sprint will:

  • build 95 new bus shelters
  • save up to 20% journey time during peak hours
  • have over 30 million journeys a year
  • support the region’s economy

Find out more about the benefits of Sprint.

The Sprint Route

The Sprint network will have 7 bus priority corridors. It will link residential and employment areas. It will also connect to HS2 and new tram extensions.

The first corridor will link Walsall with Birmingham, Solihull and Birmingham Airport.

Other Sprint routes will go to:

  • Bearwood
  • Dudley
  • Halesowen
  • Hall Green
  • Longbridge
  • Northfield
  • Sutton Coldfield

Find out more about the Sprint route.

Building Sprint

Funding for the first phase of the Walsall to Birmingham Airport and Solihull A34/A45 route was approved by the WMCA Board in February 2020. The first part of the Sprint corridor will be completed in time for the Commonwealth Games in the summer of 2022.

Find out more about building Sprint.